Friday, June 13, 2014

How to increase your Freelancing income? - Choosing a freelancing Platform

You hear me all the time talking about Elance or freelancer. Today I will reveal a new player in the freelancing world where you can boost your freelancing income. So you are ready for the site? It is this is a pretty new player who is booming. They have posts for jobs every single second and their clients are willing to pay higher than the average on other platforms. So you would notice that most of their freelancers are from UK and US.

So here are 3 reasons why you should work for PeoplePerHour rather than any other platform:

1- The Clients on this Platform Pay higher. I know I have already said this, but this is one of the main reasons for a freelancer to switch to a new platform. Since you are already working hard as a freelancer so why shouldn't you find a good platform that would pay you what you deserve.

2- They have hourlies. This concept is taken from, but on feverr each gig is a fixed $5 which I see pretty lame for various stuff. Since some gigs need time to be done so what PeoplePerHour did is that they took this concept, name it "hourly" and allowed freelancers to charge as much as they want.
So You might be wandering why use hourlies. Well hourlies give you more exposure, allows you to choose what you want to do and it brings the clients to you rather than you searching for a job that a clients posts.

3- Competition is still pretty low. It is not super low as you may have imagined, but it is pretty low when compared to other crowded sites like or So this would give you a better chance to compete against others.
PeoplePerHour at the moment have a large amount of clients with relatively small amount of freelancers.

So I hope this article would help you increase your income and shift to a better platform !

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