Friday, June 28, 2013

What is freelancing?

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We all want to be free in things we do in our daily life, especially our job. Many people just hate to wake up at 7:00 am, go to an office, spend most of their day there, and come back bored to death from routine and tiring job. If you are this kind of person then Stop here, you will just find a perfect way to earn money online, you could do your job from any place you want: In the garden, at the beach, at home…Just Anywhere!

Your Solution is just 1 word, Freelance.

freelancingYou can now be your own boss; nobody can force you to do things anymore. You will do the things you desire whenever you feel like it. I want to tell you good news: In the shacking economy that we have today, freelancing jobs are rising tremendously.

Freelancers can take any job they desire and in their field of expertise, freelancers can be graphic designers, administrators, writers, web designers… If you have any special talent or if you are an expert at something, then you can use that to do various jobs online and earn hundreds to thousands of dollars in a short period of time if you do this the right way.

So if you are looking for a definition about freelancing here is one: “A freelancer is a person who performs tasks for multiple employers. A freelancer is somewhat like a free agent, but who works for multiple customers”.

Your dream of being independent in work can become true with a freelance job. You would be able to put the working schedule that suits you!

If you are afraid of losing your job then here is my solution to you; you can stay working in your current job and start as a part time freelancer taking jobs in your free time. Using this strategy you would experience what it means to be a freelancer and then you would easily compare it with the job you are currently handling. If freelancing worked for you and you like it then you should definitely quit your job, and if it didn't then you wouldn't have lost anything.

Wait a Moment! Are You Ready For a  Freelancing Job?

1 - Are you good at the thing you do? This is something you should be aware of: Competition in freelancing is fierce, so you have to be quite good at the things you do so that you can stand out of the crowd.

2 – Don’t just go ill. If you really like being absent from work a lot then freelancing is not for you. It is right that you are free to do what you want and whenever you feel like it, but not doing work for a long period of time would mean that you would be earning much less and losing your popularity gradually.

3 – Plan your Days:  Putting a schedule for your freelancing jobs is essential. You would be able to see your goals, put deadlines, push yourself to the limit and thus enjoy your time more with an organized schedule. Planning also helps you in decisions whether or not to accept a new job (It is very important not to overload yourself with so many jobs that you can’t deliver on the required time!).

4 – Have a life: Failing to create good plans can lead to a hard life, you could be working day and night if you don’t plan well. So plan correctly and give yourself time to do the thing you like: Sports, TV, spending time with your family and friends.

5 – Save for rainy days:  Even if you are doing really well and earning a lot of money, you can’t know when the market changes, there could be times when your earnings drop. So saving spare money for such days would save you from threats of the market.

6- Keep your finance tidy: Keep track of your finance daily, don’t just wait to get bills to start working on your finance (this would bring trouble and ruin your schedule). So spend a small amount of time daily to manage and keep track of your finance.

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