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Freelance Writing Jobs

freelancingHave you ever written an amazing articles that people really liked? Do you deeply feel that your writings are good but you don’t know how to be paid for that.
If you are that passionate about writing, then why don’t you start your own blog and try making it popular. That can generate a lot of money if you are doing it the right way. But let me warn you: that would take a lot of time to SEO your blog or you would have to pay and expert to do this for you.

writing freelancingHowever there is a second option which is partical for people who are passionate about writing, but who don’t want to go into the mess of SEO, getting more readers and traffic analysis...There is an amazing option for you guys. Many clients are looking for writers to write blogs, articles, description for certain products … Those clients usually post their jobs on certain platforms where writers can apply for these jobs. These sites include: Elance, freelancer, oDesk, guru, peopleperhour and much more.
Working on freelancing websites is the first step towards success as a writer. It is an experience that would teach a writer a lot and help him boosts his career. If you want to work from home, and write whenever you feel like it, then freelancing is the right solution for you.
Getting started as a freelance writer
For writing it is so obvious which platform to work on, it is Elance and here’s why:

a- Other sites have tremendous competition when it comes to writing. For example, in oDesk you can see over a hundred applying to the same job and usually clients would pick the lowest bid.

online jobsb- Elance is a very friendly platform where you can easily choose which job to apply to. You can use filters to see which client is verified and trusted by Elance, and a job list that matches your field of expertise would be sent to you daily.

c- Writers have their own section in Elance, so an administrator cannot apply to writing jobs. This reduces competition tremendously.

d- A large percentage of clients would pay fairly to writers, especially those that really establish a good reputation. Sometimes the payments would be $3000-$5000 for a single job, but of course you have to be professional to earn that much.

Tips and tricks for Writing Freelancers
1- Don’t just apply on all the projects you find, you would be wasting “connects”, these limit the number of job applications per month. I think taking time to apply to a few number of jobs where you study carefully what the client needs and you directly address these needs, then you will get to your goal much faster.

what is freelancing2- Being from a country that originally speaks English is an advantage to all writers, also if your first language is not English but you have lived in a country where they speak English as their first language, then make sure you mention this clearly.

3- Your grammar should be flawless. What clients hate most is spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. So make sure you double check everything written in your profile and messages. A single grammar mistake would make you lose the opportunity of getting the next big job.

4- Make sure you include a sample of your work each time you contact a client. Writing is a very sensitive issue, and clients posting jobs for writing tend to be picky, so make sure you pay attention to these details.

5- Most of the time clients would request a small paragraph about the subject that you will write about in the future. So make sure you master this small piece of writing:

A-     Punctuation
B-      Grammar
C-      Interesting ideas

6- Choose the subject you want to write about. Each writer has his own style and field of expertise. When you find the subject does not appeal to you, you better not apply to this job. It only means you would be bored to death writing about something that you really don’t care about and most probably your results won’t show your creativity.

Check my blog: Tips and Tricks for freelancing.
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  4. Yes freelancing jobs are gaining popularity especially in this globalization medium that the world is currently in. The internet has opened up possibilities that we not there in the past. Freelancing is not the easiest job ever, but it does give you flexibility in your life style and allows you to be in control of your own life.

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    1. Thank you I am very glad you liked my blog and the articles I have written. Actually I just wanted to help people to know that making money online through freelancing is still huge even with the high competition out there.

      I am glad you started making money online and I wish you the best of luck.



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