Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to motive yourself as a freelancer | Motivational tips for freelancers

So if you have been working as a freelancer for a while, you will definetly have been in this situation. Waking up too tired to work, you want to go outside in the sunshine, have a walk and get the whole day off. BUT YOU CAN’T, you have deadlines to meet and work that should be done.
It is very normal to lose motivation in your job from time to time, even though you’re doing your dream job. However, if you want to be successful in your freelancing career you should stay committed and find ways to motivate you and boost your productivity. At the end of the day you are the person who will lose if you stop working and you will be the person who will gain if you motivate yourself and increase your productivity.

So here are some handy tips to keep you motivated.
1-Always remind yourself why your started your freelancing career in the first place
Maybe it is because of the furious boss who always goes around shouting at people and never appreciates your work when you were an employee. Or maybe you were so tired from looking for a job and you never really found a good one. My reason for starting a career in freelancing was a bit of a mix between various reasons. I wanted to explore working at home, having the power to schedule my own life and escape from the routine of everyday work. I wanted to do something new every day, and that is what freelancing has offered. A new experience everyday with new clients and new projects.

2-One of the things that would really bring you down is a messy environment
Make sure you keep the room where you do your work tidy. So remember to keep things tidy and don’t get so into work that you forget to really take care of yourself and your home. Also you need to make sure that your workplace is comfortable, so if you are really committed to working as a freelancer then I do advise you get a comfortable chain and a desk to place your laptop or PC.

3- Try new places to do your work
This is one of the very big advantages of freelancing, you are not forced to stay in an office to do your work. So you could go out to the park, coffee shop, library or any place you could imagine and do your work there. Remember there are no rules in freelancing, it gives you the power of choice. So choose wisely and keep yourself motivated by trying different experiences. Also, remember that many of the public places you can visit such as libraries and coffee shops offer WiFi access.

4- Schedule Breaks
The last thing you want to do is get so caught up in work that you would end up working 12 hours per day without having any fun. Remember you productivity will go up only if you have a balance and well scheduled life. So don’t forget to schedule breaks, where you could go out for a walk, or go out with some friends, or do any of your hobbies.

5- Keep a to do List and reward yourself afterwards
There are many apps out there that will help you schedule your time. I have always kept a to-do list and this has pushed me forward every single day. When you know what the plan is for each day, then you will be committed to work hard and finish all the work so you could have fun doing other fun things in the evening. So remember always reward yourself after a long day of work. It could be simple things like watching a movie, or going out with some friends.

Always remember that self-discipline is one the most essential characteristics for any successful freelancer. Since you have a flexible timetable, it is very essential that you keep your schedule organized and keep your business going well. Thus, maintaining  high motivation in your day to day work is very essential and is a priority.

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