Sunday, December 29, 2013

Elance Checklist

So here is a check list for your elance profile before you start applying to jobs.

You have created your Elance profile but you’re too frustrated that you are not getting any job, even when you are bidding so low. Wait, I have the solution. If you haven’t read Elance top 10 tips then you should check it out. Now here is what is going wrong: you probably are not putting enough effort so the client can trust you with their job.

Here is a check list of the thing you MUST do to get a job, these will make you stand out and will give you a better chance of landing on your first job.

1- Uploading a profile image: I know that you have heard of that before if you have read some of my previous articles. You must have a profile image, it is essential! A profile image makes the client feel more secure when deciding to award the job. I really had to experiment this issue to see its effect on getting jobs. So here is what I did. I removed my profile picture and tried to apply for jobs as usual. The ratio of getting the job dropped by 30%. Even though I had a well established reputation, a profile picture was still essential to get jobs. So if you want to have a chance of getting a job then I really advice you to upload a profile picture.

2- Take as many skill tests as you can: Remember skill tests are free, so why not take these tests to prove your skills. There are over 270 skill test and they cover almost any skill you might have. Taking a skill test will prove to perspective clients that you do have the skills to handle their jobs. Remember that if you didn't do well on a test that’s fine, it won’t show on your profile, so you are safe. You can take the same test again after waiting a couple of weeks.

3- Add valuable things to your portfolio: If you have a special talent then the portfolio is the perfect place to show your talent. Remember you can always refer to your portfolio when you are applying to jobs. If the client likes your portfolio then this will definitely increase your chances to be awarded a job.

4- Select appropriate keywords: A client can only find through keywords, so make sure you don’t leave this field empty. I have seen many beginners’ profiles and they usually leave this field empty which reduces their chances of clients finding their profile.

5- Stress on the unique selling point in your profile: If you have any special skill, then stress on it and make sure that the client will notice it. I really recommend you mention it in the first few words of the overview. When a client checks your profile, he/she won’t be reading every single word on every single job applicant’s profile. So you must attract the client to keep reading by hooking him/her with the first few words. It is more like a story; if you like the introduction, then you are most likely going to continue reading.

My last advice to you is stay connected to Elance. Most of the jobs you will probably take are “ASAP jobs”. Clients usually want to do their job quickly and they require fast turnaround. Having a mobile device with a push email notification is really essential. It will help you get notification about any update in seconds. This will not only help you in getting jobs, but also in getting a good reputation. I really got most of my reviews and positive feedback from this factor. I would deliver within a couple of hours of awarding me the job. The clients will definitely feel happy that they got their job done quickly. However, you must remember that rushing through a job just to finish early has a worse effect than delivering rate. So make sure you work hard on the project and deliver best quality work.

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