Friday, July 26, 2013

Writing a job proposal

Stop wasting your time looking for a magic job proposal that would get you any job. Many people claim that they have the perfect formula; they say it is a magnet. But wait! Clients are normal people and each has his own style and his own preference. So there is no guaranteed way to reach all clients by using the same strategy over and over again. Each client is unique and thus your proposals should be unique too.
However there is a common thing that all clients are looking for, it is to get there job done perfectly. So you can apply some strategies when applying to any job. But remember always be smart and impress the client when you are applying to the job. Put yourself in his shoe and evaluate your own job proposal.

Here are some techniques to apply when you are writing a job proposal:

1-Do not use the same job proposal for all clients
Show the clients that you care! Take your time reading their job requirements and address this issue. If you don’t bother to even read their requirements and what kind of job they are offering, then you are proving that you cannot handle this job because you don’t really care. Take your time in reading what they require for their job and express how your skills can be perfect to do this job.

2-Take a look at the client’s profile
Check the client’s profile. This would give you a small idea about your client and would help you in writing your job proposal. Check his comments on previous jobs he/she has offered what he/she liked most in previous contractors. Does he/she offer a review regularly? Looking at the clients profile would help you a lot especially if you’re looking for a good reputation to begin with. Try to choice clients that are not so picky and mean with their contractors.

3- Reread your job proposal
Make sure that it sounds good and it is free of spelling and grammar mistake. Remember, the job proposal is the first impression the client is taking from you, so it better be a good one. Reviewing your job proposal only take seconds and trust me it can help you in evaluating your own words. Think about your proposal for a second, do you think it is effective and worthy? If yes, then proceed.

4-Attach a sample of a similar job you have done before
This is one of the very important freelancing tips ever. I really got my first few jobs after I applied this technique. If you are still new, then probably you do not have any ratings or and comments from other clients.  So you need to show the client a proof that you have done similar jobs and that he can trust you in handling his/her job. Make sure that the attached sample is relevant, also make sure to refer to it in the job proposal and maybe give a small description if you want.

bad job proposal

If you have reached that far, then congratulations! Most beginners just skip this very important part and you see them after a while complaining that getting a job on freelancing sites is impossible.
Always remember that job proposals are the first impression clients have from you, so make them stand out and show the client that you really care to do a perfect job for them.

If you have any question or any concern, please don’t hesitate to contact me or post your comment bellow.

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  1. Nice article. It will help me to start work on Elance.

    Thank you so much.


    1. Hello Javed,

      I am glad you liked this article. If you have any question or if you want any advice I would be glad to help.

      Good luck with your freelancing Career,

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